The Campville Fire Department is managed and operated by two distinct groups of officers. Line Officers, are the ones classically associated with the fire service. The Line Officers include the Chief and his Assistant Chiefs, Captains, and Lieutenants and are the individuals charged with the duty of training for and conducting emergency operations. As the Department is officially a Not-for-Profit corporation, it is required to have an elected group of officers that manage the day-to-day business operations of the corporation itself. These officers are known as the Administrative Officers and perform such tasks as ensuring bills are paid and that the grounds and buildings are maintained.

House on Fire
"It takes a team to successfully manage a department!"

Line Officers

Office Officer
Chief Lee Dunham
1st Assistant Chief Medard (Doc) Korbar
2nd Assistant Chief Brian Steele
Deputy Administrative Chief Robert Williams
1st Fire Captain TJ Mocniak
2nd Fire Captain Chris Fuller
1st Fire Lieutenant Rob Ziemba
2nd Fire Lieutenant Mark Daniel
3rd Fire Lieutenant Steve Solomon
4th Fire Lieutenant Shaun Hanzlik
EMS Captain Curtis Daniel
1st EMS Lieutenant Cody Miracle
2nd EMS Lieutenant Bob Bealo
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Administrative Officers

Office Officer
Corporate Board of Directors:
Joel Sheldon, President and Chairperson
Lee Dunham, Chief
Cliff Sherwood, Chairman, Board of Trustees
Rob Ziemba
Robert Williams, Vice President
Secretary Kim Kowalski
Treasurer Wendy Solomon
Chaplain Tami Steele
ESS Captain Debbie Ripper
ESS Lieutenant Betsy Daniels
Board of Trustees
Cliff Sherwood, Chairman
Walt Jones
Vince Fabiano