Membership: Requirements & Process


  • You must live or work in the Campville Fire District;
  • You must be 16 years or older (under 18 requires approval of parent or guardian);
  • You must agree to a background and arson history check;
  • You must have a medical exam


  • You must submit an application, along with $2.00 annual membership dues to the fire company.
  • The Executive Committee will meet with you and review the company by-laws with you.
  • The Executive Committee will vote on your application and forward this on to the Town of Owego Fire District Board of Commissioners.  
  • Your application will be presented to the Commissioners at their next monthly meeting (2nd Monday of each month).
  • Your name will be submitted to the Sheriff's Department for a background check.   Note: New York State Law prohibits anyone convicted of arson from being a member of a fire company.  
  • Once the Executive Committee votes, the Commissioners vote, and the background check comes back clean, the Chief will notify you of your acceptance as a probationary member into the department.
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