About Us: Department

The Campville Fire Department was founded in 1947 and has been providing continuous protection to its citizens ever since. It is an all volunteer department that is charged with the protection of approximately 5100 residents living in an area of approximately 45 square miles. It operates from two stations;

Note that Newark Valley Fire/Berkshire EMS is to our north, Owego Fire/EMS is to our west, Apalachin Fire/EMS is to our south, and West Corners Fire/Union Volunteer EMS is to our east.

The Campville Fire Department is actually a not-for-profit company that is hired by the Town of Owego Fire District (TOFD) to serve the aforementioned region. The TOFD is governed by a board of five elected officials or commissioners.

Although not directly involved in the direct command of the department’s operations, the commissioners set the overall tone of how emergency operations will be conducted within the district.

The Town of Owego Fire District, and therefore Campville, lies within Tioga County, which is composed of nearly 20 separate emergency response agencies.

These agencies range from fire departments, to joint fire/EMS departments (Campville is in this category), to EMS only agencies, to private industrial departments. This collection of disparate agencies is brought together by the Tioga County Fire Coordinator and associated staff. By consolidating into a county organization, synergy is gained through the use of a single dispatching agency (Tioga County Sheriff’s Department) and rapid mutual aid accessibility.

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