About Us: Apparatus - 303

Name: 303

Year: 1998

Model: Custom Rescue / Engine

Manufacturer: Spartan Saulsbury

Campville 303 is classified as a Class A Pumper, but in addition to the fire fighting equipment found on our other two pumpers (air bottles, 1000 gallons of water, a 1250 GPM pump, hoses, etc.), 303 carries the Department’s rescue equipment.

This includes the hydraulic spreaders and cutters (“jaws-of-life”), ropes, airbags, etc.

303 also serves as the Department’s Incident Command post, with the necessary radios to communicate with neighboring departments, procedures, and other documentation critical to the Incident Commander. 303 is located in Station 1. It is driven by a 350 HP Cummins diesel engine.

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