About Us: Apparatus

The Tioga County Board Fire Commissioners has developed the numbering convention for the various departments and vehicles within those departments. The first digit designats the departments alphabetically: 100 series for Apalachin, 200 series for Berkshire, 300 series for Campville, etc. The tens digit defines the type of vehicle: 0 and 1 for pumpers; 2 for tankers; 3 for emergency vehicles;4 for special utility vehicles such as Campville's off-road vehicles, river rescue craft, and nighttime lighting unit; 5 for rapid response vehicles used to get the scene before the heavier, slower vehicles. The ones digit is for the individual vehicles of that type at a department. Therefore, at a mutual aid call scene, other departments will know if there is reference to "301", it is referring to Campville's lead pumper vehicle.

Click on the photo below to learn more about our apparatus.

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